BE Built In

Brew Express Built In - BE Convenient - BE Elegant - BE Simple

Space Savings & Convenience with a Built In Hot Beverage System that is Self Filling and easy to use. No more water filling and no more water spills to clean. Connects to water line just like an ice maker.

Brew Express for HomeThe revolutionary new design of the Brew Express blends style, performance and convenience into an easy-to-use appliance that makes brewing coffee and hot beverages a pleasure instead of a burden. Brew Express is an "All-In-One" product that removes the need for a tea kettle, instant hot, or a disposable and messy counter top coffee maker that you must fill with water every time you want to use it. And because the Brew Express is uniquely designed as a space saver, it can install into the wall, or be placed on your counter top. Brew Express brews at the optimal temperature as prescribed by the coffee industry, and will give its user the best coffee possible. It easily connects directly to your water supply like an ice maker connection, and it will provide you an endless supply of water. You'll gain counter space, enjoy perfectly brewed coffee, and all without spilling a drop of water.

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